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EPS (airpop®) is very suitable as packaging material. It's used for the packaging of, among other things, garden furniture and roller blinds. With EPS packaging, the product reaches its final destination without damage.

Any shape is possible

EPS is very light, but at the same time it's tough, pressure resistant and it retains its shape. So it's ideal to, for example, fixate a coffee machine in its box. Additionally, EPS gives a lot of design freedom. It means our R&D department can make advanced shapes. Exactly the shape that matches with the product you want to package.

Shock absorbing and retains its shape

Another benefit of EPS is that it's shock absorbing and insensitive to moisture. This means that your fragile products won't be damaged in transport.

We have developed various smart EPS packaging concepts. Consequently, our clients are packaging their products faster and more efficient. And the cost of the supply chain has gone down. Also, the products are suitable for use in a mechanical process due to their dimensional stability. Particularly so in an automated process.

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