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Construction and insulation

EPS is used extensively in the construction sector. The lightness and insulating properties of EPS provides many benefits. Hordijk EPS has developed a broad range of products for the construction sector.


We have devised moulding solutions for various construction needs. These products have a well-thought-out construction, which makes them quick and easy to process.

Foundation formwork

Our EPS foundation formwork is used for the beams on pile foundations in residential and utility construction. The formwork is available in various sizes. For foundations on “solid” ground, Hordijk also has a solution: The Sill Plate formwork and HD formwork. 

Unparalleled is our patented Super formwork. We have developed it in cooperation with De Hoop-Pekso. In the Super formwork, various EPS pressings are used in one formwork construction. A technical masterpiece. Especially combined with the specially designed yoke pins. With this system you can save a lot of time compared to traditional formwork.

EPS filling elements

Specifically for beam-and-block floors, we make filling elements in various sizes and with various insulation values (Rc). For the renovation of wooden floors, we have the Reno filling element. This filling element is used in combination with a steel girder. This means it's lightweight and fast to install. 


The insulating qualities of EPS work well against heat and cold. EPS ideally suited to comply with the increasingly strict insulation demands. Good insulation limits energy costs and reduces CO2 emission. We have a broad range of solutions to insulate houses and commercial buildings.

Moulded insulation plates

The insulation anchor plate is a large insulation plate with a scarf joint all-around, and it's equipped with waffle profile on top. This insulation plate offer great thermal insulation and, due to the waffle profile on the upper side of the insulation plate, a perfect bonding with the concrete poured in the formwork. Applicable in residential and utility construction. The insulation anchor plate is available in various gauges and densities.

We have a good and intensive cooperation with De Hoop Pekso from Terneuzen. EPS products related to structural work are made by us and marketed by De Hoop. For orders and questions you can contact De Hoop-Pekso in Terneuzen, phone number: 0115-68 09 11.

Cavity wall

Especially for the insulation of houses, we provide loose EPS granules. Specialised companies inject these granules into the cavity wall or underneath the floor for insulation.

Underfloor heating systems

Underfloor heating systems are also made using EPS. A thermoformed plastic plate is pressed onto the EPS insulation plate. The tube of the underfloor heating system can easily be placed between the studs. The EPS layer ensures a strong insulation. And by using the Trittichal technique, it also provides extra acoustic attenuation.


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