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EPS consists of 98% air and is 100% recyclable

A more sustainable world starts with you. We are certainly aware of that. And it goes without saying that we are happy to contribute to it. That's why all our products are made of mono material, meaning they are 100% recyclable.

EPS: 100% recyclable

EPS (airpop®) is a unique material, making it a sustainable and responsible choice. As mono material, it is recyclable without the need for downsizing. It happens on an increasingly large scale. Civilians are increasingly handing in EPS at their community recycling centre. And the corporate sector collects an ever-increasing amount of EPS as well. All the EPS is reused in new EPS products.

EPS is 98% air

EPS is a special product. It consists of 98% air. During the production phase, it can be expanded to up to sixty times it's size. Therefore, it's a particularly economical product with a high insulating capacity.

Due to the high insulating capacity, the payback period for the energy to produce and process EPS is short. Because homes that are insulated better have lower heating costs, which means less CO2 emissions. Data from EUMEPS proves it: when the whole chain is analysed, the balance between costs and benefits of energy use and CO2 emissions is the most favourable for EPS.

Sustainable production site

In Delft, we have a sustainable production site for EPS. As one of the few EPS producers, we capture the pentane that is released when heating the steam boiler. In addition, we use the residual heat as heating for the offices and magazines.

Collection of used EPS

We not only produce EPS packaging, we also collect it. At our location in Delft, you can hand in your EPS waste. We will subsequently process it in new products.

The Dutch horticultural sector has been collecting and reprocessing EPS on a large scale. You can find more information on this topic on EPS Gardentrays. A sustainability initiative of a number of EPS producers, including Hordijk EPS.

Take a look below at our video on EPS. Want to learn more about sustainability and EPS? Visit the Stybenex website.


EPS as a packaging material: more sustainable than cardboard

EPS (airpop®) is very durable as a packaging material. For example, it is more durable than cardboard. Would you like to know more about the use of EPS as a packaging medium for white goods? Then read the whitepaper below.

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