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The roots of our company are in the horticultural sector. Hordijk EPS has been producing a broad range of EPS floors for cultivating tables, seeding trays and transplanting trays.

Many plant growers appreciate the insulating characteristics of EPS. It ensures that temperature changes are smoothed. This has a positive effect on plant growth.

Horticultural trays

We keep innovating our horticultural trays. We've just introduced our new generation of smooth trays. Just as smooth as a solid plastic tray, but with the benefits of EPS. Due to the smooth structure of the EPS tray, the roots don't attach themselves to the walls. The trays are used once and then recycled. The single use has the following benefits:

  • No risk of disease transmission. After all, the trays are only used once.
  • Due to the dimensional stability, the products are very suitable for the mechanical process in automated seed lines.
  • No cleaning costs.
  • The plant grower can be calm in the planning, as the trays are filled and ready. As opposed to having to refill them.
  • The plug supplier can refill the trays at any time. This prevents production peaks.

Multiple-use trays

Hordijk EPS doesn't only produce single-use trays. We also have trays for multiple use for flowers, plants and trees.

Hordijk EPS is a member of EPS Gardentrays. We collect used horticultural trays and make sure that they are completely recycled.


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