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Hordijk EPS Packaging and Insulation is known for its experience and expertise. We are one of the leading EPS producers (airpop®) in the Netherlands.

Our history dates back to the 1960's. We were one of the first Dutch companies to start producing EPS crates.

At the time, EPS crates were mainly used to package cucumbers. But soon afterwards, more industries recognized the many advantages of EPS. A large and important sector has since been the construction industry.

Sustainable production location

We have a sustainable production location for EPS in Delft. As one of the few EPS producers, we collect the pentane that is released during pre-foaming and use it to burn the steam boiler. We also use the residual heat released to heat the offices and warehouses.

The Hordijk Group

Hordijk EPS Packaging and Insulation is part of the Hordijk Group. This contains three other specialised and prominent subsidiaries:

  • Hordijk Spuitgiet Verpakkingen
    Injection moulded packaging and extrusion blow moulding made from PP or PE, with or without IML label
  • Hordijk Packaging
    Thermoformed packaging made of PET and PP at two production locations.
  • Alcomij
    Steel and aluminium greenhouse constructions and logistic materials

Together with Miko Pac from Belgium, we have one sales organisation in Germany, Miko-Hordijk GmbH.

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