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Other well-known names for EPS are Styrofoam or airpop®. It's a unique and sustainable material. EPS consists of 98% air, and it's 100% recyclable. Hordijk EPS Verpakkingen en Isolatie offers a broad range of EPS products.

EPS is made from crude oil, like plastic. This requires some processing. Eventually, the resources expendable polystyrene, or EPS, is created. It consists of small hard grains that are supplied to us in various sizes.

EPS pearls

The EPS grains are processed in our factory in Delft to create unique products. We add nothing but steam. We heat up the grains with steam. This causes the pentane in the grains to become gaseous, which makes the granules expand to EPS pearls.

It happens both by the influence of the pentane and the steam. Due to cooling, both the steam and the pentane condensate. As a result of the negative pressure that is created in this process, the pearls are filled with 98% air.

Production process

During and after the production process, the pentane disappears from the EPS. We collect the pentane and use it for the generation of steam. During this process, the EPS pearls are stored in large silos.

Subsequently, the EPS pearls are injected into the mould of the forming machine. We reheat the pearls with steam. Because they are locked in, a contiguous product is created.


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